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Saline Breast Implants Before and After

Saline breast implants are a safe and practical solution for women who desire a more full, or balanced bust. Not only can they reshape a woman’s figure, but they can also restore or invigorate a woman’s self-image. The biggest benefit of saline breast implants is the improvement of self-esteem; the elimination of breast envy or anxiety, the renewed spirit of attaining or restoring the Perfect You.

Augmentation of the Spirit

The most noticeable difference before and after augmentation with saline breast implants is the improvement in personal disposition. The radiance of a woman who is comfortable with her body is more dynamic than any new hairstyle or expensive pair of shoes. For women who have finally balanced their cup sizes, the physical difference before and after augmentation may be subtle, but the psychological improvement is what truly turns heads. Of course, going up a cup size or two is almost certain to get attention, but what will replace the envious or curious glances is the knockout confidence of the woman herself.

Restoration of the Woman

Physical anxiety often results after pregnancy or over time, and can be amplified by a sense of loss of the peak figure of a woman’s youth. Particularly for women in remission of breast cancer, or after a mastectomy, the excessive physical toll of treatments and recovery can leave equal emotional and psychological scarring. Saline breast implants, in these instances, fulfill the desire to return to form. Beyond the cosmetic augmentation, a reaffirmation of identity and femininity can be a most powerful restorative and healing force.

The Perfect You

Although the breasts don’t define the woman, a woman who is self-conscious about her figure may have difficulty defining herself. Whether considering saline breast implants as an establishment of equal balance between mind and body or as a rejuvenation of womanhood, it is important to visualize your personal ideal and how you can attain it before and after breast augmentation. The augmentation itself is a complement to your unique personality. Before enhancement, your inner-self may be strong and confident, but may feel that a physical imperfection is the only thing holding you back from the transcendent beauty of total identity. And saline breast augmentation may be the key to unlocking that ideal.

Are you ready to realize your complete picture?

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